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SMCGC has won two awards of Luban Prize, eight national silver awards and lots high-quality project awards. Also won national enterprise best image-AAA title many times, awarded the title of “Honoring the contract and keeping the promise” enterprise by Guizhou Administration of Industry and Commerce over fifteen years, awarded the title of national trustworthy unit by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, officially passing ISO 9002 quality system certification in 1999, successfully passing ISO 9001: 200 quality management system standard, ISO 14001-1996 environment management system standard and GB/T28001-2001 occupation health safety management system standard trinity certification in May, 2004. In 2013, conversion training of standard Occupation Health Safety Management System Requirement(GB/T28001-2011) of the company was completed, in accordance with standard conversion requirements, local amendment of system document Management Manual, Program Document and other enterprise standards was finished, and 2013 “trinity” management system review and approval by China Construction Industry Association was awarded.




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